robot doctor - robot doktor

Robot Doctor:

This projects’ goal is to diagnose a disease by entering the patients’ clinical information such as temperature, pulse, test results etc. The algorithm used in this application was approved by health institutions doctors committee. The integration of artificial intelligence in this application is under development. Once the development is over, users will be able to reach full information about various diseases and their treatment programs.

The embedded screen on the robot will be helpful for notifying at different events and be used to input lots of tasks. Object avoidance will be introduced as a feature in full autonomous mode of the robot providing a safer mission. The robot along with its software algorithms are being fully developed by Turkish engineers. This robot will be able to diagnose different disease along with their treatment programs, share the hospital staff’s work with doctors and comment on them and guide patients with the
needed procedure during their treatment program.

Robot Nurse

Robot Nurse:
In this project, a robot integrated with artificial intelligence is under development for the purpose of helping doctors/nurses in hospitals. This robot will be the first of its kind worldwide as it’s going to work autonomously inside health facilities and hospitals. Its’ tasks range from notifying nurses when needed, providing solutions to different patient problems to assisting nurses and being active with them. Our robot will diagnose various diseases though different ways and present them accordingly to doctors. As the feasibility work ends successfully in the hospital, technical equipment integration will be taken into consideration by our team in order to make the nurses’ job easier and minimize errors from patients. Different sensors and transducers are embedded on the top of the robot making disease diagnoses a lot easier. Also, the robot will be a logistic solution for patients who need to leave their beds and go to check-up centre. The robots’ long battery life will also be a crucial help for users’ experience.

The mobile robot will be designed on the purpose of helping nurses primarily in specific patient groups/ services in hospitals. The duties of the mobile robot are that it will serve medicine distribution service to relevant services of the hospital. It will be provided to be collected rutin surveys of inpatients in the database of the robot by medical personals ( e. g. fingerprick, blood pressure, tension, fever, oxygen measuring, taking the pulse). It will demonstrate previous measurements; therefore, nurses can evaluate the growth process of patients properly. It will provide whole measurements and information about the patient into medical personnel ( into the information display of doctors and nurses) by way of the virtual platform. Additionally, thanks to the robot, it will be able to be provided transportation without removing qua autonomous with mechanical joints for inpatients.