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AI Chatbot doctor
AI Chatbot doctor

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Doctor:
Artificial Intelligence This application is open to visitors in our website online. The main idea is to diagnose your disease by using information related to you in the chat. This data is fed into the system as an input to relate it accordingly with the proper disease. Also, it will show the proper treatment program and guide you to the correct clinic.
As the ChatBot Doctor is equipped with artificial intelligence, it will show you the best diagnose results and guidance.

We know that it’s hard to reach instant medical guidance from doctors. That’s why our application provides you the needed clinical information instantly online through your tablet, smartphone or computer. In future updates, the program can use the smartphones’ embedded sensors to do more advance services such as asking for an ambulance in urgent situations, instant directives, and hospital appointment management.

List of diseases the Chatbox Doctor can answer as an output along with symptoms and tests:

Pre-prandial /fasting blood glucose
Bad breath
Obesity / weight assessment
Over – sweating
Fever / high fever / fever assessment
Oedema / foot swelling
Weakness / exhaustion

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Doctor
Turkey’s first Artificial Intelligence chatbot Doctors’ U test were opened for use after work. What you can do with Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Doctor.

SETINT AI – AI Chatbot doctor will be the first modules to be loaded, our site content.

Halhatir questioning
Getting information about dealership
Dealership conditions, provinces where dealership is given, how to become a dealer
Information about COVID-19
Your questions about the demo program. You can even get technical support. You can ask SETINT AI for installation problems, running problems.
Information about Corona Virius
COVID-19 symptoms – what are the symptoms
COVID-19 world map and figures
COVID-19 T.C. Ministry of Health data
Pharmacies on duty
Nearest hospital

SETINT AI – AI Chatbot doctor is a medical chatbot that acts as a virtual doctor. It is a chatbot designed to act as a virtual doctor. The patient can ask this virtual chatbot about the disease. SETINT AI – Chatbot Doctor can answer various types of questions about the disease. Natural language processing and pattern matching algorithm has been used to develop this chatbot. SETINT AI – AI Chatbot doctor iis an artificial intelligence system that helps raise awareness about the Disease. SETINT AI – AI Chatbot doctor can successfully answer the question asked by the user with 94% accuracy on result basis.

SETINT provides an alternative to this traditional method of visiting a hospital and making a diagnosis, making an appointment. AI Chatbot doctor is implemented using the concepts of natural language processing and machine learning. People can interact with setint just like any other person, and setint predicts the disease by detecting the user’s symptoms with user responses and makes an appointment with the relevant department.

AI Chatbot doctor This system is very useful for healthcare organizations that perform patient controls. It informs the health institutions of the health conditions of the patients they follow and provides the appropriate measures of the doctors to keep the patients healthy. There is no similar example in the world. It enables people to make appointments from health institutions and private practices using this free application wherever they are.

Health services are faced with increasing demand and decreasing health service supply in parallel with health services. Mobile Health is recommended to overcome the geographic, temporal and organizational barriers of healthcare. SETINT AI – Chatbot Doctor; It is an artificial intelligence system that interacts with users through natural language and can diagnose disease based on a person’s input using a chat interface.

Setint provides basic information about the condition of the disease. It does not share the user with complete information. Directs the user to health institutions. This is carried out for the health safety of the patient.

The user can also get detailed information about SETINT AI -. The information published on our site is shared with users via setint. For example; The user can find a solution by asking SETINT to the problems encountered during installation, setup or use of the SETINT AI – ioT ​​Doctor system.

SETINT is an artificial intelligence chatbot system that can be used not only in health but also in all sectors. It can be used in many areas including logistics, transportation, press, even ERP systems.

SETINT AI -It can develop an artificial intelligence chatbot that suits your needs in all sectors.

Setint; With its newly developing R&D projects, it will be able to perform different operations and continue to serve its users. You can follow us on our social media accounts regarding our development works.

SETINT AI, the English version of the Chatbot doctor application, is ongoing and will be opened to global use when completed.

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