Our company mainly develops artificial intellagnce solutions for the use in health sector.
Our software solutions were designed as to be reachable 7/24 through tablets, smartphones or computers. The success of artificial intelligance in health sector was proved by tests and even by real trials. Problems such as (incorrect disease diagnoses , wrong treatment program, etc) are getting into the nurses’ daily work program due to (tense work program, extra night shifts, lack of proper diagnoses). We are working on reducing these errors as much as possible along with helping the health institution staff members. To achieve that, three main projects are under development.

SETINT AI – Robot Nurse
SETINT AI – Corona Robot
SETINT AI – Home care robot
SETINT AI – Teleradiology – Artificial intelligence
SETINT AI – Chatbot Doctor

Robot Nurse

Customer Problem : 
The overall aim of the project, for various reasons, the nurses ‘ daily routine tasks occurring in the is carried out. The duties of the nurse to support the medical/defects that may be given to the patient with the shortcomings and aims to minimize the losses. The patients without losing time with the project intervention, routine health check and maintenance, full of aksamasiz constantly is to be made.


Covid-19 and Pneumonia % probability detection from Lung X-ray images with artificial intelligence. Our TeleRadiology – AI Lung Module developed by SETINT AI has been turned into a product.

Basic Features:
* Lung Infection:% probability
* COVID-19 Negative:% probability
* COVID-19 Positive:% probability
* Cancer:% probability
* Pneumonia:% probability
* Normal

It helps the Doctors and Radiologists to make the correct diagnosis by giving the % probability rates. We hope that our artificial intelligence TeleRadiology system, developed for the first time in the world by SETINT – AI, will contribute to the prevention of the spread of the epidemic. We declare that our system is ready to cooperate with all hospitals for Clinical Research.

DEMO DOWNLOAD http://www.setint.com.tr/teleradiology-lung-artificial-intelligence

Product/Services :

1.Diagnosis and treatment through a thermal camera, using artificial intelligence, image processing, and deep learning technology. 2.Medicine delivery.

3.Analyzing test results with medical device integration.

Target Market

Turkey: Hospitals and medical centers

Europe: Hospitals and medical


USA: Hospitals and medical centers

Far East Countries: Hospitals and medical centers

 Detection of infected people with a high rate of coronavirus possibility with the thermal cameraDetection of benign and malignant tumors in skin diseases.The robot that detects viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, especially Coronavirus in the air in the environment where it is present. 

ALGORİTHM Modeling :
The algorithms of all our R & D projects the work we do are composed of algorithms created by the members of the Scientific Board of our company, whose articles have been published in scientific journals..Our artificial intelligence software that makes disease detection in the eye from topography images.